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Jack Petchey Achievement Awards - Byron Hero's

We are excited to be part of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award scheme and are proud to support the aspirations of young people in our community. We encourage all our players to aim high and make a positive difference in the world.

Hall of Fame

January - July 2023

OSCAR HARTNET from our U13 Hawks

"What makes this person stand out from others?"

Oscar's outstanding manners and his ability to listen and execute instructions without any fuss make him stand out from others. He consistently demonstrates respect and sportsmanship both on and off the field, earning the admiration of his teammates, coaches, and opponents alike. His polite and considerate behaviour sets a shining example for his peers and reflects his exceptional character.

Moreover, Oscar's versatility and selflessness in playing multiple positions without any complaints demonstrate his commitment to the best interests of the team. He understands the importance of adapting to different roles and positions for the benefit of the team's overall success. Oscar's willingness to put the team first and do whatever is necessary to contribute to their achievements exemplifies his exceptional teamwork and selfless nature.

Oscar's reliable nature, fantastic attitude, and exemplary manners make him an outstanding candidate for the Jack Petchey Achievement Award. He consistently demonstrates the qualities of a role model and embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. Nominating Oscar for this award is a recognition of his exceptional character and the positive impact he has on his team and the wider football community.


ALFIE HALES from our U15 Kestrels

"What makes this person stand out from others?"

Alfie's incredible transformation and his newfound positive approach to the game make him stand out from others. His determination to improve his fitness and address his shortcomings displayed a level of maturity and self-awareness beyond his years. Alfie's ability to recognize areas for improvement and take proactive steps to rectify them is a testament to his resilience and growth mindset.

This season, Alfie's hard work and commitment paid off, as evidenced by his outstanding performance on the field. He scored an impressive 17 goals, becoming a prolific goal-scorer and a vital asset to our team's success. Not only did he contribute with his goals, but his celebrations also lit up the side, showcasing his passion, energy, and enthusiasm for the sport.

Alfie's perseverance, positive mindset, and dedication have not only transformed his own game but have also had a profound impact on the entire team. His newfound confidence and goal-scoring prowess have lifted the spirits of his teammates and motivated them to strive for greatness.

Nominating Alfie for the Jack Petchey Achievement Award is a testament to his incredible journey of self-improvement and the significant positive impact he has made on our team. He embodies the qualities of resilience, determination, and a positive mindset, making him a deserving candidate for this prestigious recognition


"What makes this person stand out from others?"

George was nominated for the Jack Petchey Achievement Award in recognition of his exceptional dedication, leadership, and positive attitude towards the team. Over his remarkable 10-year tenure with our club, George has proven to be an invaluable asset, consistently exhibiting qualities that make him an exemplary role model as team captain.

In addition to his exemplary attitude, George's versatility as a footballer is truly impressive. He is skilled and competent in multiple positions, including left and right back, midfield, and even up front. George's willingness to adapt and contribute wherever needed showcases his selflessness and dedication to the team's success. Despite not always being a starter, he never complains and always maintains a positive outlook, which has a significant impact on team morale.

Furthermore, George's positive and upbeat demeanour has a profound impact on the team's spirit and motivation. His infectious enthusiasm and uplifting personality create a vibrant atmosphere both on and off the pitch, inspiring his teammates to give their best effort and enjoy the game.

George's remarkable qualities as a dedicated player, exceptional team captain, and his ability to positively impact those around him make him a deserving candidate for the Jack Petchey Achievement Award. His long-standing commitment to the team and his outstanding character make him an inspiring role model for all aspiring footballers.

AMELIE GALLAGHER from our U11 Panthers !

At the start of the season, Amelie unfortunately broke her arm while training with her 1-to-1 goalkeeper coach. This setback could have easily demotivated her and hindered her progress, but instead, it became a catalyst for her to demonstrate extraordinary strength of character.

Amelie's response to her injury was truly inspiring. Rather than giving up or dwelling on the setback, she embraced the challenge and focused on her recovery. She showed a remarkable level of maturity and a positive attitude throughout the healing process, staying committed to her rehabilitation program and maintaining a strong work ethic.

"What makes this person stand out from others?"

Amelie's determination and resilience make her stand out from others. Despite facing a significant setback, she never lost sight of her goals and remained dedicated to her passion for playing goalkeeper. Her unwavering commitment to returning to the field, stronger than before, sets her apart as an exceptional individual.

Amelie's journey back to playing showcased her ability to overcome obstacles and persevere through adversity. She consistently displayed a positive mindset, motivating her teammates and acting as a role model for them. Her commitment to self-improvement and her team's success has been evident in her rigorous training sessions and her unwavering support for her fellow players.

Amelie's determination, resilience, and positive attitude are truly commendable, and she has proven herself to be an inspiration to others. Nominating her for the Jack Petchey Achievement Award is a testament to her exceptional character and serves as recognition of her outstanding achievements despite facing significant challenges.

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