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How to support your child !

Byron’s top tips on how to help your child for matches


  • Be positive and offer encouragement

  • Praise the effort and hard work that your child puts into training

  • Help them prepare their football kit, including shin pads and water bottle the night before

  • Make sure they get enough sleep

  • Encourage them to eat a healthy breakfast and drink enough

  • Ensure that you help them arrive on time for the match

  • Calm them down if they are nervous and avoid pressuring them about winning or losing.

  • Encourage them to visualise themselves playing well, scoring a goal, saving a goal etc.


  • Be a positive supporter, cheer and support good play but don’t instruct!

  • Focus on effort rather than the outcome of the match

  • Control your own emotions and remember it is their game!

  • Take a step back and remember why they play football – To have fun!

  • Respect the coach and the officials and don’t interfere unless asked to do so.


  • Provide positive and realistic feedback

  • Be proud of your child and what they achieve and tell them!

  • Be re-assuring

  • Listen to your child and discuss areas they would like to work on

  • Talk to your child about what works for them and let them decide what they want to do next

We only do positive!

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