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Byron's 2024 Summer Tournament

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  • 11v11 - Max 16 players - 1 Keeper - 10 Outfield, 5 Subs - 15/20 Minutes Straight

  • 9v9 - Max 12 players - 1 Keeper - 8 Outfield, 3 Subs - 15/20 Minutes Straight 

  • 7v7 - Max 10 players - 1 Keeper - 6 Outfield, 3 Subs - 15 Minutes Straight

  • 5v5 - Max 8 players - 1 Keeper - 4 Outfield, 3 Subs - 12 Minutes Straight


  • Three points awarded for a win. One point for a draw. If teams are level when all preliminary games, the team whose goal difference is best will qualify. In the event of equal difference, the team with the highest number of goals “for” will qualify. If this to is equal, the result of the match between the two teams will be taken into consideration. If that was drawn, the two teams will have a play off match. If that score remains level, the game will go straight to penalties.

  • Age groups are for the 2024/2025 season

  • Age groups - U7 & U8 will play a 'round robin' where each team will play each other with a trophy for the winners and medals for all players. 

  • Age groups from U9 up will have a group semi-final and then a final between the top four teams with a trophy for the winners and medals for all players participating in the Final 

Penalty shootout:

  • In the semi final and final games, if scores are level after normal time, there will be NO EXTRA TIME and the game will go straight to penalties.

  • Each team will nominate five players to participate in the shoot out.

  • Each side will take alternating penalties until they have completed them.

  • Should the scores still be level, the game will be settled by sudden death penalties with each of the five participating players competing again in the same order.

Age specific rules:

  • U7 to U10 only: Players must retreat to their own half for goal kicks 

  • All ages: Goalkeepers are not permitted to handle back passes 

  • U11 to U18: Will be played with or without linesmen at the discretion of the referee but with off sides

Match cards:

  • The manager of the winning team will be responsible for returning the result card to the result tent.

Equipment, kits & choice of ends:

  • All match balls will be supplied by Byron Red Star FC. If there is a kit colour clash, the first named team will have the choice of strip and which end they play from, unless the team are playing a Byron Red Star FC team who will always play in their home kit. Whilst the second named team will have kick off.

Ball size:

  • U7, U8, U9, U10- Size 3                           

  • U11, U12, U13, U14- Size 4

  • U15, U16, U17 & U18 - Size 5

Please note:

  • Where not specified, all other laws of association football will  apply. The referees decision is final in respect of the application of the laws. In all other aspects, the organisers decision is final.

Conduct of players & spectators:

  • Usual rules apply as to cautions and sending off. A player who receives a yellow card will miss the next game. A player shown a red card will not be eligible to participate in the remainder of the tournament.

  • Misconduct of any description from anyone associated with the team will not be tolerated, and may result in the team being disqualified from the tournament.

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